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Focused Guided Meditations

Research shows that meditation offers many benefits:

Anxiety Reduction
Depression Reduction
Stress Reduction
Concentration and Focus
Inner Peace

The Focused Guided Meditations by Tranquil Perspective, LLC, when listened to daily, have the potential to help you with these benefits and more. They are specifically designed to target an area of your life that you feel you need assistance in.  In just a small amount of time, you can feel better, feel more in control and see improvements in your daily life.

Our original focused guided meditations are:

  • Focused on specific topics to target areas that YOU need help with
  • Under 20 minutes
  • Professionally edited in six variations, so that you can choose what works best
  • Include endings for waking and sleeping so you can listen anytime
  • Have a variety of background sounds or no background sound option
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Please be sure to download the FREE tranquil meditations, so you can start to unlock the potential benefits of meditation.  It is highly recommended that you listen daily (or more than once a day) for at least 30 days, to get the best results in adjusting your outlook and changing your life! 

When you adjust your outlook, you can change your life.