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Weight Loss Series Meditations


When used in conjunction with a weight loss program these meditations are made to help you ease into wellness with three different meditations.

– Meditation Number One is to help you set your intentions and prepare to start on your weight loss journey.  There are suggestions to start to gather healthy recipes, prepare to log your eating and exercise and think about how healthy you want to become.  It is to be listened to before you start your healthy lifestyle and can be listened to if you at any time you find yourself losing motivation to stay on track.

– Meditation Number Two is to be listened to while you are changing your eating and exercise habits.  There are suggestions to help with healthier food choices and moving your body more.  Also, you will have more self-confidence in your ability to lose weight and achieve a healthy lifestyle.

– Meditation Number Three is to be listened to once you achieve your goals, to help you stay on track and continue a healthy lifestyle.
– These meditations each come in six variations
– Three have a wake upending
– Three have a sleep ending
– You have a choice of background sound (courtesy of
       – No background sound
       – Gentle waves
       – Rain with distant thunder
– The more you listen, the better your results.
Please consult your physician before beginning any weight loss program.

When you adjust your outlook, you can change your life.